What countries can I place my By Mare Shoes online order?

The online order through our website can be made for shipping the following countries: USA  and Colombia.
For orders from elsewhere in the world you can contact us to handle your order and delivery.

Are international  shipments safe?

 Very safe. By Mare Shoes works with transportation providers who have the best media, technology and human resources. The brand has a high degree of involvement in getting your shipments and provides great security in them.

What are the shipping rates?

 Shipping costs vary depending on the host country:

Shipping Rates to Colombia: 12-14 €

Shipping Rates to U.S.A.:  20

When will I receive my order?

 The estimated delivery date is 6-10 business days after making your purchase.

When By Mare Shoes is sending your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail where the estimated delivery date and the contents will be specified and localization number associated with your product for easy tracking.

Where will I receive my order?

 Comfortably at home or offered address when ordering.


Note: Be sure to indicate the address provided in the questionnaire of purchase.

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